How do we unlock our creativity?

Unfortunately we can easily slip away from our creative identity as we grow older. I want to share with you some keys I believe can help us as adults to unlock our creative potential!

  1. Become childlike/remember your childhood

Nasa did a study and found that 98% of 4 to 5 years were creative geniuses. That shouldn’t surprise us because after all we are made in the image of the Creator. I am daily amazed by the creativity of my children. Recently, the girls were playing box car children and I came down and found they had made a stove out of construction paper. 

I believe if left alone to their boredom kids are extremely innovative. They can create out of almost nothing!

I also think it’s helpful to reflect on your own childhood. What did you love? I can remember writing and also setting up my stuffed animals in chairs and preaching to them. Sometimes we can unearth our unique creativity gifts when we remember how we were as children.

2. Get free from the fear of man

I am not sure if we can ever reach our creative potential when we live in the fear of man. Creativity is a vulnerable, subjective process and we need to get free in order to truly tap into our potential.

We can all look at a Picasso and have a varying opinion on it. Does our opinion determine whether Picasso was a creative artist? I don’t think so. You are a creative and don’t wait for someone else to tell you whether you are or are not. 

3. Be okay with messes and mistakes.

If you want to make great things you have got to be ok with messes and mistake. Have you ever been around a home renovation or new home build? 

Messes can always be cleaned up and mistakes are just a part of our humanity! We’ve got to let go and enjoy the process in order to create. Failing is a part of the process of growth. 

Perfectionism can really lock up our creative potential – don’t let it!

The world needs our creativity. Go out there and make something great today!

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